Leave the Mechanics of Assessment to Us

You’ve hired the best and brightest faculty the world has to offer. They’re gifted professors, experts in their subject matter.

Let your faculty spend their time on mission-critical activities, like teaching, improving their courses and doing research. Leave the mechanics of assessment to the professionals at EduMetry!

By using EduMetry’s services, your institution benefits in numerous ways.
  1. Saves Time
  2. Forges Consensus Quickly
  3. Saves Money
  4. Objective Feedback, Best Practices
  5. Fosters a Learning Culture
  6. Service, Not Just Software

Saves Time

Assessing learning can take months, if not years. By delegating the facilitation and mechanics of assessment to EduMetry, your institution can save much time and hard work. Decisions about retaining specialists usually examine only the direct, out-of-pocket costs, but when implicit costs (like faculty time, teaching-load reductions, support staff) are accounted for, relying on external specialists actually becomes an efficient solution. EduMetry can develop and map student learning outcomes, design rubrics, generate SLO data, analyze the data, and recommend actions for improvement in a fraction of the time that it would take your faculty, who must juggle competing demands on their time. Let your faculty guide the process; leave the mechanics of assessment to us.

Forges Consensus Quickly

Forging consensus at any institution of higher learning takes time. Meetings, exploratory committees…the process can take months, if not years, to reach common ground on major issues affecting your institution. EduMetry’s Assesstance™ workshops and D-Cube™ process uses the venerable Delphi Technique through an online forum to forge consensus on key aspects of the assessment-of-learning process. This collegial and inclusive, yet anonymous, process quickly forges consensus among faculty. Higher learning institutions with whom we have worked report wonderful results and an increased productivity using D-Cube™! Likewise, assessment is a means to improving teaching and learning, but the real improvements come in what your faculty do every day. Free them up to do more of what they do best—create and disseminate knowledge.

Saves Money

EduMetry’s services cost a fraction of what the total cost would be to build the capacity within your institution to assess learning outcomes. Plus, by turning to the professionals, valuable faculty and staff time can be focused on more mission-critical activities.

We have the capacity, resources, and talent to either complement your on-campus work or tackle the full spectrum of assessment needs.

Objective Feedback, Best Practices

Because you are delegating the scoring of student-learning artifacts to EduMetry, internal bias is reduced or eliminated. As a specialist in assessment of learning, EduMetry can introduce best practices, synthesized from its work at many other institutions.

Fosters a Learning Culture

We as higher education professionals are equally committed to seeing your students receive the best educational experience possible. Improvement is difficult, if not impossible, without constant measurement, feedback and corrective action. EduMetry’s end-to-end, faculty-driven processes ensure that your institution is always learning! Through the rigorous analysis and data-driven recommendations our work produces, your institution can improve and alter courses to suit your student needs. This translates into a progressive culture of evidence and continuous improvement that benefits your entire institution.

Service, Not Just Software

When you contract with EduMetry on your assessment-of-learning process you get results! We work with your administrators and faculty to develop SLOs, construct a complete curriculum map and design rubrics, all in a timely manner. We then take it a step further by scoring artifacts to derive SLO data in an objective, standardized fashion using our team of experts, so that you can make strategic decisions on SLO data that is reliable. Additionally, we provide in-depth analysis capabilities so as to provide cogent recommendations to your institution based on both quantitative, as well as, qualitative data. Contact us and let the experts at EduMetry get the results you need!

Leave it to the professionals at EduMetry. Leave the mechanics of assessment to us.

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