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As a knowledge-intensive organization, EduMetry is guided by the unique vision of a virtual workforce, a community of experts working collaboratively with the efficient use of technology. We know that experts in the assessment of learning, given the relative infancy of this field, will be a rare and dispersed group. That’s why we fostered a virtual work environment. We’d rather have work come to you—electronically—than be constrained by geography and settle for less than the best. Our staff — who hold at least Master’s degrees and many have Ph.D.s — are a dedicated bunch, committed to a simple, but powerful idea: that students and instructors deserve a support system that allows them to excel. Our vision: everything a college student submits for credit is assessed, receives feedback on the strengths and weaknesses in their work, and each data-point on learning outcomes so generated shapes curriculum, pedagogy and the classroom experience. There’s a reason why we say the science of learning informs the art of teaching!

If you have the talent and share our passion to transform teaching and learning, we’d love to share more of the EduMetry story with you.

What we look for in a candidate:

  • Ph.D.- or Master’s degrees (English, Math, Physical and Social Sciences, Business, Engineering, Law, and others)
  • Passion for process; committed to learning; interest in assessment
  • Finds the blend between academia and a corporate setting exciting
  • Experience in higher education (teaching, research, administration) is a plus

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Current Openings

Knowledge Managers (full-time)

This role entails managing academic work carried out in a corporate setting. The day-to-day work itself involves managing people, designing and using path-breaking technologies in the areas of learning and assessment, ensuring quality, and adopting and inculcating in subordinates a culture of service to EduMetry’s institutional clients. Other requirements include the ability to guide teams of full- and part-time knowledge professionals, to conceptual skills to map and manage work-flow processes and the flair to liaise with professors across a range of institutions.

Please email your cover letter and résumé to

Teaching Assistants
(Part-time, with a minimum commitment of 10-15 hours per week)

This role requires at least a Master’s degree, ideally, in the academic disciplines listed above. (EduMetry frequently receives requests for assessment in other disciplines; so, professionals with credentials in other disciplines are encouraged to register their interest with us.) As a part-time position, the role involves assessing student work using EduMetry’s systematic processes, standard rubrics, and enabling technology. Successful candidates will receive training and orientation and will be expected to meet a high standard of quality (knowledge of academic domain), written communication, and a work ethic that emphasizes timeliness, professionalism and a service orientation. Teaching Assistants are also expected to have a standard computer with broadband internet access and be familiar with the MS-Office application suite. Work hours are flexible, but may entail some work on weekends, given EduMetry’s commitment to serve students and instructors, for some of our services, within 48 hours.

EduMetry is an equal-opportunity employer, committed to diversity, flexible work arrangements and to persons with physical disability who can otherwise commit to intellectually satisfying work from the comfort of their home.

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