The EduMetry Five-Step Process

Step 1: Develop SLOs

Working with faculty and administrators, EduMetry can assist in the development of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) by translating university/college mission and program objectives into measurable student learning outcomes. To ensure alignment, the process is validated by reverse-mapping SLOs to the objectives and the mission statement.


EduMetry has developed a workshop series to help deans set the stage for assessment of learning. Part of broader efforts to embed a culture of evidence, these Assesstance™ workshops (which can be over a half-day or over a full day) are designed to start a meaningful dialogue about assessment. The intent is to sensitize faculty to the power of measuring and monitoring learning outcomes for improving teaching and learning. It can also allay concerns faculty may harbor that program assessment is thinly-veiled efforts to evaluate faculty, a misperception that can thwart the purpose of assessment.


A crucial factor in the success of any assessment project is the extent of faculty involvement in, and acceptance of, the process. EduMetry’s D-Cube™ (which stands for Deliberate, Design, Develop) is a facilitated, web-enabled forum that ensures a faculty-driven process and expedites the work of faculty committees. D-Cube™ – inspired by the venerable Delphi Technique with its trademark anonymity and iterative convergence – helps faculty committees forge consensus on key issues in a matter of weeks, not months or years. The Delphi Technique has been used extensively in academic settings for decision-making, especially by faculty in medical schools to develop curriculum, agree on treatment protocols, etc. EduMetry has successfully used D-Cube™ to help colleges reduce the time taken to set up the assessment process.

Developing Student Learning Outcomes

EduMetry can assist you with the development of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) by mapping mission statement and program and course objectives to measurable student learning outcomes. This process is then reverse-mapped to ensure validation and verification. Know that we can also review, map and validate your existing SLOs.

Your faculty always drive the process, from start to finish. EduMetry provides the expertise, experience, and resources to get the job done efficiently.

Curriculum Mapping

EduMetry carries out extensive curriculum mapping of individual courses by knowledge area, competency-skill, and type of assessment to determine whether the curriculum as a whole meets the school’s mission and goals.

Instructors are surveyed to rank-order and weigh the learning outcomes as implemented in their classes. We would design a custom, web-based survey to gather faculty input. It takes faculty only 10-15 minutes to complete the web-based survey (anytime, anywhere) for each course taught and yet gets the results you need for successful outcomes. Imagine no long committee meetings that faculty hate to attend. (One client observed that she had received more faculty input in a week than she had in two years as associate dean!)

Conceptual Gap Analysis

After curriculum mapping, an analysis is performed to identify gaps in the curriculum with regard to the learning outcomes delineated in the mission statement. The gap analysis reveals areas in the curriculum that need to be modified in terms of content and process, as well as assessment instruments.

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