EduMetry’s End-to-End Assessment Services

Faculty-Driven Process Produces Superior Results

Everywhere you turn these days, government, media, donors, and the public demand that higher education institutions measure the results of their work. Accountability is the new buzzword, and higher education institutions must find ways to assess learning outcomes to meet the demands of today’s measurement-driven world.

EduMetry’s end-to-end solution model is a flexible framework for assessment of learning. We provide assessment services for accreditation and general assessment of learning for higher education institutions, colleges, schools, and campuses.

Not only can you meet assessment and accreditation goals but your institution will gain valuable insight into the effectiveness of your programs. Faculty can then take these recommendations and enact them in ways appropriate to their classes, courses, and the institution.

Five Steps to Assessment Success

On the following pages, we’ve described our services in five major steps, with profuse details underneath each step. Scroll your mouse over each step to delve more deeply into the finer points of the services we provide.

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